Welcome to the underwater world of Finnish fish at Maretarium!

At the Maretarium you will get to know Finnish aquatic nature. Finland has 187,888 lakes, 25,000 km of rivers and 46,000 km of coastline of the Baltic Sea and its islands. About 60 native and permanent fish species live in Finnish waters. There are dozens of fish species that visit Finland’s sea area occasionally. You probably know perch, eel, pike,  flounder and roach. But do you identify a roach from a rudd, a small whitefish from a vendace or a trout from a salmon? Do you know what kind of fish are gudgeon, chub, minnow or tench?

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  • Vesiputous kohisee karppialtaalla / Waterfall is running in the entrance hall

    26.09.2023  13:00 - 13:05

  • Kalojen ruokintaa / Feeding of the fish

    26.09.2023  15:00 - 15:15

  • Luontofilmi Saariston soutaja / The Rower of the Islands, kesto 15 min

    26.09.2023  16:00 - 16:15

  • Luontofilmi Itäisen Suomenlahden kansallispuisto, kesto 15 min.

    27.09.2023  11:00 - 11:15

  • Vesiputous kohisee karppialtaalla / Waterfall is running in the entrance hall

    27.09.2023  13:00 - 13:05

In Maretarium you will meet most of the Finnish fish species. For some species, you may see both as small juveniles and as old adults. The fish in Maretarium live according to the Finnish seasons. At certain times it is possible to see the fish spawnings. February is a spawning time for burbot,  spring for pike, lamprey, ide, bream, perch and vimba bream, summer for three-spined stickleback and pikeperch, autumn for brown trout and Atlantic salmon. There are 22 fish tanks in Maretarium. In addition to fish, you can see e.g. grayfish and in the summer season also frogs.

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Children under 3 years
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The aquarium tour takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. In the meantime you can pop in at Merisydän Cafe to have some refreshments. After the tour, we recommend a visit to our souvenir shop Meripuoti. Welcome!

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Aisti meren läheisyys ja nauti ajasta syöden, juhlien tai yöpyen vain 750 m päässä Maretariumista.

Upeiden näyttelyiden ja tapahtumien myötä pääsee kokemaan uskomattomia tarinoita niin mereltä kuin lähiseudultakin, vain reilun 1 km päässä Maretariumista.

Koe ainutlaatuisessa kohteessa historian havinaa keisarillisella kalastusmajalla, Langinkosken luonnonkauniissa ympäristössä.

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