Esa Kotilaisen´s solo performances in Sea Theatre at 7 pm and 8 pm.

Aaltoja! – Under Waves in Maretarium 19.-22.10.2022 at 6 pm-10 pm

Maretarium and Merisydän Cafe take part in Aaltoja! -festival, the work will be placed outside the Maretarium yard pool and inside the aquarium facilities.

The title of the work is “Under Waves”, by the collective TELAKKA & Co. Musician Esa Kotilainen surfs the sound waves of the work. In addition, Esa Kotilainen’s solo performances at the Sea Theatre every festival evening:

at 7 pm the work “Jäänalainen”,

at 8 pm the work “Ulappa”.

Maretarium and Merisydän Cafe are open until 19.-22.10.2022 at 10 pm.

From 19.-22.10.2022 at 5 pm all entrance tickets to Maretarium 5 euros, from the online store 4,50 euros.