Perch are the most common fish in Finland: one can find them in almost all lakes and coastal areas. Perch live to a maximum age of 30 years and may grow up to 50 centimetres long, and reach a weight of about three kilograms. Their diet consists of worms, insect larvae and small fish. When […]


Vimba is a roach fish. It looks a bit like whitefish, but vimba does not have an adipose fin. Vimba has a thick, snout-like upper jaw, and its mouth is beneath the snout. The bases of vimba’s pectoral and ventral fins are reddish yellow, and the tips are grey. Vimba swims in schools along Finland’s […]

Russian sturgeon


The Russian Sturgeon may live to 48 years weighing around 100 kg. The species matures sexually between 8-16 years and most female spawners in the wild are aged 13-23 years. Spawning occurs every 2-3 years. The Russian Sturgeon has a wide distribution, occurring in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and […]



The large-scaled, streamlined chub has a wide head. The scales of the chub are strikingly large, and it looks like the chub has thick lips. This yellow-eyed, silver-sided and dark-backed fish reaches the length of approximately twenty to fifty centimetres (that is approximately 7.9 inches to 19.7 inches) and a weight of over three kilograms […]


The roach fish that looks like whitefish is asp: unlike whitefish it does not have the small adipose fin between the tail and the dorsal fin. Also, the asp has a large mouth; it reaches a long way under the eyes. Asp may grow to a length of one meter and weigh almost 10 kilograms […]



Gudgeon is a typical bottom fish: it has barbells on both sides of the mouth, and with its downward pointing mouth it looks for insect larvae and other bottom animals. Gudgeon favours muddy and eutrophic waters – it is not found in barren rivers. Gudgeon is the most common fish species in the Porvoo river […]

Signal grayfish


Since the 1960’s signal crayfish has been imported into the Finnish waterways. The signal crayfish endures the crayfish pest well. However, the signal crayfish is able to transmit and spread the disease. The telltale sign that distinguishes signal crayfish from the original Finnish crayfish is the light coloured spot in the claws of signal crayfish. […]



The best way to discern between trout and salmon is the fact that the trout always have plenty of spots beneath the sideline, whereas the salmon only has a few spots beneath the lateral line. Also, the stem of trout’s tail is usually sturdy and the border to the base of the tail fin is […]



The dark and sad looking fish are tench. Clear characteristic marks are also the roundness of the fins and orange eyes. On sunny summer days in lakes or marine bays in southern Finland, one may see a school of dark sturdy tench swimming close to the surface enjoying the warmth. Despite this habit, tench are […]



Silver bream and zope look very much like a small bream. However, silver bream and zope have much bigger eyes in proportion compared with bream. Silver bream and zope can be distinguished from each other by the tail fin; silver bream has a shorter fin which is concave in form. Zope has a long, relatively […]