Maretarium celebrates its 22nd anniversary on the 1st of May 2024!

On the birthday day 1.5.2024, everyone aged 22 and younger is admitted free of charge. Birthday programme:10:30 Hanna The Pike greets children11:00 Nature film Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park12:30 Hanna The Pike greets children13:00 Waterfall is running in the carp tank14:00 Hanna The Pike greets children15:00 Diver feeds the fish in the Baltic Sea […]

Kymi Sinfonietta “Under the Surface” 27.4.2024

Kymi Sinfonietta chamber music performances at Maretarium Maritime Theatre on Saturday 27.4.2024 at 2pm and 4pm. The chamber music performance originated from the meditative music concerts of the Kymi Sinfonietta a few years ago. The aim is to create a musical resting place for listeners, where they can stop for a moment to refresh themselves. […]

Nature Picture of the Year 2023 exhibition at Maretarium until 3.12.2023

The results of the 43rd edition of the Nature Picture of the Year competition were announced on Saturday 28.10. Nature Picture of the Year festival in Helsinki. The Nature Picture of the Year was Jetro Luhtaa’s “Gateway to the Fell”, a dramatic image of a rainbow in a spectacular large fell landscape. The Nature Picture […]

During summer 2023 Maretarium is open every day

In summer 2023, Maretarium is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm. The only exception is Midsummer Eve (23.6.), when Maretarium is open from 10 am to 2 pm.The daily programme includes nature film screenings related to the nature of the Eastern Gulf of Finland: at 11 a.m. the nature film Eastern Gulf […]

Beautiful underwater photos until 31.8.2023

A special summer exhibition at Maretarium is Satu Vaarula’s “Veden lumo” (the Enchantment of the Water) photography exhibition. The 16 visual works in the exhibition showcase the diversity of Finnish aquatic nature and it is a sales exhibition. Satu Vaarula (b. 1967 in Pälkäne) is a nature photographer from Forssa who has photographed landscapes for […]

The Dog Month in November

The much-demanded Maretarium Dog Month is approaching. Throughout November, Maretarium also welcomes dog guests to see the fish. The aquarium waters of the Maretarium are thus cool in the fall and the aquarium premises have comfortable conditions for dogs. Most aquarium tanks are also at a viewing height suitable for dogs.  Maretarium is open in […]

Aaltoja! – Under Waves in Maretarium 19.-22.10.2022 at 6 pm-10 pm

Maretarium and Merisydän Cafe take part in Aaltoja! -festival, the work will be placed outside the Maretarium yard pool and inside the aquarium facilities. The title of the work is “Under Waves”, by the collective TELAKKA & Co. Musician Esa Kotilainen surfs the sound waves of the work. In addition, Esa Kotilainen’s solo performances at […]

Kotka Fish Market 15.-16.10.2022

The Kotka Fish Market will be held in Sapokka around Maretarium and Tulikukko on the 15.-16.10.2022. The market’s theme fish is Baltic herring, and there will be not only fresh fish and various fish products, but also Baltic herring processing shows by fish biologist Kari Nyberg. The fish market will be opened by The Mayor […]