Underwater landscape

Beautiful underwater photos until 31.8.2023

A special summer exhibition at Maretarium is Satu Vaarula’s “Veden lumo” (the Enchantment of the Water) photography exhibition. The 16 visual works in the exhibition showcase the diversity of Finnish aquatic nature and it is a sales exhibition.

Satu Vaarula (b. 1967 in Pälkäne) is a nature photographer from Forssa who has photographed landscapes for about ten years and aquatic nature for about twelve years. Photography has become a way to relax, learn more about oneself and nature, record visual experiences, and take a stand for preserving the diversity of nature. Among other things, she brings out details of nature in a way that we don’t often look around.

There are approximately 190,000 lakes and ponds in Finland with an area of at least 500 square metres. Ponds are distinguished from lakes by the fact that there is no stratification of water temperature in them. There is also a lot of living life in ponds, such as fish and microbiota. The Finnish waterways have had many uses, such as floating logs, recreational use and obtaining drinking water. For many, water is their favorite element in nature.

People seek the silence of nature by beautiful landscapes and water to exercise, refresh themselves and recover from stress. It has been scientifically proven that just looking at nature pictures is healthy because it promotes memory function. Walking in nature increases vitality and creative reasoning, while nature sites outside cities increase built green areas.

The exhibition is included in the ticket price of Maretarium.

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