Four-horned sculpin

(Triglopsis quadricornis)

On the bottom of the tank you can get a glimpse of dark brown four-horned sculpin. Many people think that the four-horned sculpin is not one of the prettiest of Finnish fish. It favours cool waters. Spawning occurs in early winter when the female deposits a glob of spawn to the bottom, which the male guards until the young hatch. Four-horned sculpin inhabit coastal areas in Finland and the deep lakes of Finland’s lake district, where they spread to, stayed and adapted after the Ice Age. They reach a length of about twenty to thirty centimetres (that is approximately 7.9 to 11.8 inches) in coastal regions, but are significantly smaller in inland waters. Sea faring four-horned sculpin have four bony bumps crowning their head, where as those living in lakes do not have these bony bumps.

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