Itämeri-altaan sisustustyöt meneillään.

Interior work underway in the Baltic Sea tank

The renovation of Maretarium’s Baltic Sea tank is now progressing with the interior of the tank. There will be stone imitations and a wreck structure in the tank – after all, the sea area off Kotka, from which the water from the Maretarium aquarium tanks is taken, a significant graveyard of wrecks.

The interior design work will take place in February and at the beginning of March a water supply pipeline and a filtration mattress will be installed at the bottom of the Baltic Sea tank. These works can also be seen from the tank windows here and there by public.

If all the work proceeds as planned, in mid-March the Baltic Sea tank can be filled with water. The amount of water in the basin is over half a million litres and it takes two weeks to fill the tank with water and start the filtration cycle. At the turn of March and April, the fish in the storage tanks may have been moved back to the Baltic Sea tank.