Atlantic salmon

Maretarium’s theme exhibition for 2024 is Big catches – caught and not caught

Maretarium’s theme exhibition for 2024 is Big catches – caught and not caught.
What is the “Big Fish” of your life?
The Big Fish theme is discussed on the exhibition wall from many different angles.
Why does it always feel like the fish that got loose at the last minute was the biggest fish of your life? The fish may appear larger underwater compared to when it is out of the water. This optical illusion is mainly due to the difference in the refractive index of air and water.
When fishing, anglers may remember a particularly large or hard-to-reach fish that was caught in a lure but eventually got loose. The memory of “that great one that got loose at the last moment” can remain for a long time, and over time, the fish can acquire legendary proportions in the memory of the fisherman.
Such a feeling is not limited to fishing; People can use a similar expression in different situations, with the underlying feeling that a missed opportunity or thing feels much more significant or essential afterwards.
Why, sometimes, that big catch is also appropriate to let go.
In some water bodies, certain fish species have a maximum size, i.e. a measure larger than which fish must be returned back into the water. The maximum size may be enact in the Fishing Decree or in the regional permit conditions, in the same way as the minimum allowable catch size. The maximum size has been set to protect large specimens so that the fish population will remain large in the future and will not develop into small ones.
The “Big Fish” of one’s own life can also be something other than a concrete catch. When we ask someone, “What is the big fish in your life?” we are basically asking about the most significant or important aspect, goal, achievement, or aspiration in their life. The answer to such a question can vary greatly based on one’s own values, experiences and priorities.