Siberian sturgeon

(Acipenser baeri)

Siberian sturgeon is the most commonly cultured sturgeon species in Europe. The Siberian sturgeons of Maretarium were born in an Italian hatchery in the spring 2005. Siberian sturgeon can reach the age of eighty years, the length of two metres and the weight of two hundred kilograms, that is, approximately 440 pounds. Siberian sturgeon’s meat and caviar are delicious, which is why it has been the object of exhaustive fishing all over the world. Hence the populations have diminished greatly. The diminishing of the populations is also the result of building and pollution in the spawning rivers. The original populations of the lakes Laatokka and Ääninen have already died out, and there are only a few individuals left of the Baltic Sea population. Effective culture and planting measures have been started in Russia and the Central Europe to secure the existence of sturgeon. The family of sturgeons consists of eighteen species, of which sturgeon, sterlett, Siberian and Russian sturgeon as well as Starry sturgeon is every now and then found in the Gulf of Finland.

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