Spring layer, Vesijärvi, Lahti

Teemu Lakka, In Cold Waters – exhibition of unique Finnish underwater photos at Maretarium 8.6.-31.10.2021

Maretarium’s special exhibition will feature unique images of Finnish nature below the surface, including those moments when the water begins to freeze. Teemu Lakka (d.b. 1980 in Anjalankoski) has been working at Maretarium as aquarist-diver since spring 2019.

Lakka started underwater photography in 2009. The enthusiasm for filming came from the fact that the verbal explanation alone was not enough to tell what the finest subsurface objects looked like.

Maretarium’s exhibition features 36 images from 2013 to 2021.

Lakka’s own favorite images are the first underwater ice pictures. The most unusual of the images in the exhibition is the iced meltwater layer. Lakka says that the most difficult situations underwater have occurred under the ice when he has stayed too far from the open hole without equipments.

Lakka started underwater photography in Päijät-Häme, but now he shoots more in southern Kymenlaakso. The most impressive place for Lakka has been in Langinkoski (in Kotka) during winter, as winter underwater images have never been published from there before. Lakka still has plenty of goals for underwater filming, the big dream is to get the perfect picture of the big eels of one of Evo’s lakes.

The Cold Waters exhibition is the 105th changing exhibition at the Maretarium. The exhibition will be on display until the end of October and will be included in the price of Maretarium’s entrance ticket.

Introductory text: Venla Lehikoinen & Sari Saukkonen

Aquist-diver Teemu Lakka, tel. 040 3110 334,

teemu.lakka@maretarium.fi, www.flickr.com/photos/122477376@N06, @lakkatso