(Squalius cephalus)

The large-scaled, streamlined chub has a wide head. The scales of the chub are strikingly large, and it looks like the chub has thick lips. This yellow-eyed, silver-sided and dark-backed fish reaches the length of approximately twenty to fifty centimetres (that is approximately 7.9 inches to 19.7 inches) and a weight of over three kilograms (that is approximately 6.6 pounds). The chub is an obscure fish of the southern and south-western parts of Finland, which prefers eutrophic, expansive and muddy waters in rivers and estuary areas along coastlines. Spawning occurs in May, in gravely and sandy river bottoms. Chub are omnivores and consume aquatic plants, fish young, bivalves, gastropods and insect larvae. Chub plays no economic role in Finland and its meat is loose and bony.

Tämän kalan levinneisyys Suomessa.