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Visitors can feed Carps in the lobby tank

At the Maretarium cashier, you can buy a small bag of food for the fish in the lobby tank. A bag of food costs one euro.
In the lobby tank there are Carps and Prussian carps. Carps have several different scale covers, some carps have even scale cover, some have large decorative scales and some individuals are almost scaleless. Carp have small barbels on the sides of their mouths that allow them to smell, taste and feel food. The Prussian carp is a relatively new species in the Finnish fish population, having spread to the lush bay areas of the Finnish coast from Estonia in the 2000s. The shape of the Prussian carp is quite tall and plump, resembling a Crusian carp, but unlike the Crusian carp, the sides of the Prussian carp are silvery and the eye circle is white, while on the Crusian carp it is brownish-orange.
Both Carp and Prussian carp eagerly eat the food offered to them in the summer. In autumn, when the waters cool down, Carps stop eating throughout the winter season, so customers cannot feed the fish either.
You can also buy fish food bags from Maretarium for fish from the nearby Sapokka pond. It is home to more MaretariumĀ“s Carps and, for example, six of Maretarium’s large Siberian sturgeons. Sapokka pond feeding bags cost five euros.