Rudd is related to roach and inhabit the inland and coastal waters of southern Finland. This beautiful fish resembles roach, but can easily be distinguished from it by its red fins and tail. Larger rudd can reach a maximum length of 40 centimetres. They have a slightly coppery hue, whereas younger ones are silver flanked. […]

Siberian sturgeon


Siberian sturgeon is the most commonly cultured sturgeon species in Europe. The Siberian sturgeons of Maretarium were born in an Italian hatchery in the spring 2005. Siberian sturgeon can reach the age of eighty years, the length of two metres and the weight of two hundred kilograms, that is, approximately 440 pounds. Siberian sturgeon’s meat […]



Whitefish is a polymorphous species that has several different sub-species living in different environments. Whitefish is a headache for researchers, and a favourite among fishermen. In the last century whitefish have been divided into countless species, sub-species, forms and races. A full understanding has still not been reached. The difference between vendace and a small […]



The dace is smaller and more slender than its relatives, the ide and the chub. This silver flanked and green backed fish is about 20 centimetres long. It inhabits clean inland waters in the eastern and northern parts of Finland, except for the northern parts of Lapland. It also resides along the coastline. Dace spawn […]



Large and sturdy, the ide likes to swim in mixed schools among its relatives, the roach. What set the ide apart from roach, among other things, are its yellow eyes and small scales. Adult ide usually have a greenish or coppery hue on their back and flanks. The ide’s diet consists of bivalve and gastropods. […]



The red-eyed and silver coloured roach, is often the first catch of many hobby anglers. One can encounter roach almost everywhere in Finland, along seashores, rivers, lakes and ponds. Red eyes and light red colouring in all fins is a clear characteristic of roach. However, it is easy to mistake it for rudd; rudd may […]

European common frog

Sammakko vedessä.

Frogs and toads are cold-blooded vertebrates. The colour of frogs varies. Generally, frogs are brown, light brown or olive green. The underside of frogs is generally white, and at the tops of their legs they are often yellow. The frog normally spawns in April but in Lapland not until June. Males wait for females in […]



The silver-sided bleaks like to keep right to the surface. In the summer they bring life to a calm surface, where they pop insects that accidentally come too near to the surface. During spawning period in May to June shoals of bleaks seeth on low sand and rock bottoms, and they sometimes jump above the […]

Crucian carp

The crucian carp is a tenacious fish which prospers even in wintry, low oxygen water conditions, as it is able to produce oxygen by using the sugar reserves of its liver. This process also creates alcohol but has had no adverse effect on anglers! Crucian carp are often the only fish in ponds where other […]

European toad

Rupikonna istuu jäkälien ja kivien seassa.

The European toad can be distinguished from the European common frog most easily on the basis of its nodular, dry skin. The European toad’s back is a light brown, greyish or blotchy, dark-brown colour. The toad does not jump much, instead it tends to crawl. The male may cry out if it is touched under […]